Critical Shopper

Image via thefashionspot

“Carefully Curated: Each garment has to make the cut. I’ve heard some fairly harsh criticism recently that “good enough” is really okay for one’s wardrobe, and I have to disagree. Yes, in some circumstances we do have to settle for less than ideal, but that should NEVER be the standard we set for ourselves. We deserve better. People who make clothing deserve better. The planet deserves better.

Deliberately Distilled: We don’t need so much stuff. We need nicer things, better quality things, things we will love more, use more, and legitimately wear out. We do this on purpose, not because we’re stingy or snotty, but because we want to focus on truly beautiful and crafted items that are worthy of support.”

Source: The Vivienne Files

I love the idea of curating the perfect capsule wardrobe. It’s also the reason behind this blog because I wanted to document this process. My goal is to have a wardrobe that consists of a limited number of beautifully crafted, deliberately sought out, cherished garments, worn over and over again. Indeed, like falling in love and developing a relationship that could last a lifetime.


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