(images from the gentlewoman)

It’s that time of the year again, when planning beach holiday wardrobe isn’t just a distraction from bad winter weather, but grounded in reality of approaching summer season. What I’m really hoping for is that by visualizing my plans, the rainy weather of the past few days will magically transform in to perfect summer days that smell like ocean and sunscreen. =)

This year I have also decided to go for one-piece bathing suits. I’ve been looking for a while for perfect black piece, with design that is as straight-forward as possible, because I strongly dislike silly fringes and unnecessary design additions when it comes to swimwear. And of course, I came across the perfect item while browsing A.P.C.’s webshop, that looks just how I imagined a perfect swimsuit for this year should look like. The minimalistic design looks chic as well as  flattering.

But, that’s not all! *cue exciting shopping adventures remix* While searching for beachwear, I stumbled across this striped piece by Norma Kamali, which has the same design qualities of the black A.P.C. piece, with added interest of striped pattern. I buy a striped bikini almost every year, so I was naturally drawn by this one-piece. The two items compliment each other perfectly, for a uniform holiday look, and more practically it’s always a good idea to pack more than one swimsuit. I cannot wait to try the look with red lip balm and slicked-back chignon.


(top images of Cy Twombly’s polaroids via Bint Photobooks)

We spent the weekend in Belgium, visiting Art Brussels as well as Wiels, Boz Ar and various other exhibitions happening around town simultaneously. One of the best things was Cy Twombly polaroid exhibit at Boz Ar, of which I also purchased the book. I can recommend it to anyone currently visiting or planning to visit Brussels, who is interested in visiting museums.

I also received a new Diptyque candle, Maquis, as a gift. It’s so lovely and fresh, it might even replace Chêne as my current favourite.These candles can also be used as tools for work; for example I tend to light one particular candle when I’m writing a certain text, so I end up associating this very text with a specific fragrance, and it’s easier to dive into work after prolonged breaks or periods of inactivity. (Hah! Well… not always. But that’s the idea =) And sometimes just believing in these little rituals helps.)

A whiter shade of pale

(images via muus, lagarconne and stylesightings)

Although I’m still fully devoted to the monochromatic wardrobe, as the summer approaches I’m heading to the different end of the spectrum – namely white and washed out colours. All three of the outfits pictured have a very different and distinctive feel to them, composed of different pieces and silhouettes, yet all of them breathe a laid-back air of chic. I particularly like the centre image from LaGarconne lookbook, composed out of classic pieces in slightly different shades of white (the off-white trousers particularly look perfect).

I am however curious how practical (and indeed how laid-back) the look would be day-to-day, as I imagine I’d think twice about popping on a random park bench in my perfectly crisp white trousers or ordering red wine. I love a good white shirt and my white jeans, but they are not as versatile for every occasion as black, and therefor not worn as often as I’d like. As it seems, the look might be best reserved for tumblr and lookbooks, although I’ll try to document any attempt at all white outfits right here. For now at least, I’m sticking to my dark colours for spring.

Le Weekend

Spending the weekend in company of Diptyque Feu de Bois, records, and a new issue of Acne Paper (art issue).

(Images from top:  1. mermaidcat tumblr, unknown tumblr; 2. stella mccartney bra via net-a-porter, vanessa bruno cardigan via lagarconne, maison martin margiela tabi slippers via farfetch; 3. cinemaatheart; 4. cos bra, boy by band of outsiders sweater, marc by marc jacobs camisole, repetto slippers and bobbi brown lipbalm; 5. monocleview tumblr; 6. ledernierdespapillons tumblr, hedi slimane diary.)

Oeuvre in Pink

(images via various tumblers over the years, which i forgot the name of. apologies)

Not only does Sofia Coppola exude style, her work as a director is at least as inspirational. Her films such as Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette tell of the essence and loneliness of being a female in a world that, as one critic put it “knows how to use you, but doesn’t know what to do with you.” There is a quiet, naturalistic melancholy that surrounds it, even in her elaborate costumedrama based on the teenage French queen.

Every once in a while I’ll spend my evening with her movies and a big cup of camommile tea. They also make for perfect movies for sleepovers, with additional wine and macarons highly recommended.


(images: selfservice magazine)

Red is the classic lipstick colour, and it’s also one of my favorites. It’s an instant flash of femininity, bold or subtly enhanced, depending on the texture and shade. Over the past years the beauty focus seems to have shifted from (smoky) eyes (the term really wore out it’s welcome) to bright, colourful lips. During the spring of last year I suddenly noticed more and more girls wearing bold lipcolours, such as pink and coral and it felt so much more youthful and modern.

My personal favourite is the soft red lipstain, for being classic and super flattering. While I admire those who can pull off vinyl red or hot pink, too much gloss and saturation looks harsh on my features, especially as a day-look. A somewhat smudged lip stain, however, enhances them while looking effortless. This look is perfectly complemented by an otherwise bare face and well-groomed eyebrows. I also love the way the flash of colour works against tailored wardrobe pieces in dark colours like grey or black.