On Magazines

(image via mottodistribution)

I admit I love magazines. Beautifully designed on quality paper containing inspiring articles and images, that’s what I look for in a magazine.

Unfortunately, most women’s magazines fail to provide in these aspects. With a few notable exceptions, I always end up feeling bombarded by products that I know I don’t need and fluff pieces on botox survivors and the best spa destinations. I realized this a couple of years ago while flipping though a prominent female publication in a bookstore and all I could see were pages and pages just blatantly displaying products. As though editorials weren’t enough (at least in editorials there is the effort of creating a enticing image). It just looks like they picked whatever their advertisers were selling and threw it together on one page and it’s so far removed from my own perceptions that the aspirational aspect becomes irrelevant. Sure, all these magazines have something to sell, but such blatant consumerism, especially in this day and age, just ends up seeming vulgar.

Instead of creating an irrational need to buy more things, I prefer to focus on developing a personal aesthetic and style, which isn’t susceptible to complete change each and every season. This is why I prefer men’s magazines such as Fantastic Man, as they seem to focus more on classic pieces and wardrobes as a whole, and of course The Gentlewoman

It’s also why I am really excited about publication such as Kinfolk, which is about the experience rather than buying new things. I ordered it today and cannot wait to take it out on my next trip to the local coffee house.