Basics: white button down shirt

Last post made me think about what elements does a classic menswear inspired wardrobe consist of? So I decided to list them, according to my own subjective tastes. (One should always be aware of their own personal preferences and incorporate items accordingly.)

image from: jpeg-heaven

Classic white button down shirt – This one is obvious, but also far from simple. It’s also an item worth investing in, as it’s versatile and can go a long way if treated with respect. The cut should be right for your figure with just the right amount of slouch for that elusive tomboy effluence.

I myself prefer a crisp cotton shirt with small collar and quarter length sleeves. I usually wear it buttoned all the way up when paired with a black wool skirt, as it gives off a very clean and modern feel, or unbuttoned with just a bit of lace undergarments peeking underneath when paired with black trousers. My other white shirt is palest ivory silk, with small peter pan collar. While the details are feminine (ironically, peter pan was usually played by women up until recent decades), with the right styling you can make it all your own. Wear with slicked back hair with side part, a clean, polished face and menswear inspired pieces for a perfect balance of tomboy chic, or add red lips for a high impact look that’s elegant and effortless at the same time.

My favorite variations on the theme include light blue pinstriped shirts with white cuffs and collar, as well as versions in dark colors such as navy and dark grey.

image from: non—sequitur