Canvas Bag

(images via withlove— and oohlalalust)

I love canvas bags for the casual feeling they add to a look. With a limited wardrobe, you get to be creative in other ways and that includes updating a wardrobe from day to night by changing bag and shoes. Canvas bags are also refreshingly universal and egalitarian, due to a lack of status symbol, which most other bags tend to represent these days, yet they allow themselves to be individualized easily. These bags remind me of going to the market to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, and stopping on the way at a café for some coffee and re-reading your favourite book.  

Blue Shirt

(images via: lostpenelope, magerpiger, manierealasatisfaction, natural stylist)

A light blue shirt, tucked in jeans, looks so right. Paired with the right belt and shoes, it’s the perfect look for upcoming season. Blue shirt is to classic white shirt, what navy jumper is to classic black jumper: a smart and more interesting equivalent.

I’m currently looking for a perfect shirt of this kind. Although this one by A.P.C., looks just about perfect, it’s currently sold out and I regret not buying it when it was available. Hopefully I’ll come across some good alternatives soon.