(images: selfservice magazine)

Red is the classic lipstick colour, and it’s also one of my favorites. It’s an instant flash of femininity, bold or subtly enhanced, depending on the texture and shade. Over the past years the beauty focus seems to have shifted from (smoky) eyes (the term really wore out it’s welcome) to bright, colourful lips. During the spring of last year I suddenly noticed more and more girls wearing bold lipcolours, such as pink and coral and it felt so much more youthful and modern.

My personal favourite is the soft red lipstain, for being classic and super flattering. While I admire those who can pull off vinyl red or hot pink, too much gloss and saturation looks harsh on my features, especially as a day-look. A somewhat smudged lip stain, however, enhances them while looking effortless. This look is perfectly complemented by an otherwise bare face and well-groomed eyebrows. I also love the way the flash of colour works against tailored wardrobe pieces in dark colours like grey or black.