I can’t say I really have style icons, but there are people who’s style is truly inspirational, even if it’s not exactly aspirational.

One of those people is Gaia Repossi, current artistic director to Maison Repossi. In my mind she is the girl that Phoebe Philo has in mind when she designs for Céline. Although I admire the Céline aesthetic, it’s not something I aspire to be since i prefer less abstract pieces. But miss Repossi embodies the clean, menswear-inspired chic like no one else, and I really enjoy looking at people who naturally carry off a certain very distinctive style, without making it look contrived in the process.

There are, however, certain elements in her wardrobe which complement my own wardrobe preferences. For instance her penchant for blue/denim shirts and navy, as well as neutral colours; the natural, undone look, sans make-up, that still manages to look sophisticated; classic items such as blazers. I really started to take notice after reading her interview with The Gentlewoman magazine. There she discusses her penchant for menswear, which she wore even as a schoolgirl. The thing I like the most about her look though it that she never looks uncomfortable, Trying or for that matter like anyone else but herself.

(images from vogue paris, vogue us, industrie magazine, and via maisonstyling and theepitomeofquiet)