Clockwise from top left:
– One of my all-time favourite movies which I can watch over and over again.
– If there is one movie that should be accompanied by a box of fresh macarons, it’s this one.
– A lovely gradient painting by the artist Marian Breedveld.
– Candle light and subtle fragrance make rainy days so much better.

From left:
– Vintage Kate on the cover of Vogue UK 1998. I was going through my archives and came across this one. 90s fashion magazine covers look so good today.
– Dailies.

From left:
– My current favourite dish is a simple wholegrain pasta with baked pumpkin, goat cheese and walnuts, seasoned with fresh italian herbs such as sage and thyme.
– Photoshoot props.


– I recently discovered Aesop’s Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream. The scent alone was enough to justify the purchase, but it has currently become my favourite moisturizer.
My combination skin usually gets very dry during the winter months, which calls for heavy-duty moisturizers. Warm weather, however, makes my skin more oily and this light moisturizer provides enough moisture while blending perfectly under make-up without ever looking greasy.

– We love the look of dry flowers in our household, so we tend to keep them well past their due date, like these lovely tulips.

– Another recent discovery: this Lindt dark chocolate with mint coulis and white chocolate mousse filling. Mint and chocolate is one of my favourite flavour combinations and a bite of this is enough to satisfy my chocolate cravings throughout the day.

– A couple of weeks ago I got to see the film Les Adieux à la Reine, starring the lovely Léa Seydoux and Diane Kruger. It’s visually compelling and presents the French queen in darker, more pathological light than the Coppola version, for example. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Oeuvre in Pink

(images via various tumblers over the years, which i forgot the name of. apologies)

Not only does Sofia Coppola exude style, her work as a director is at least as inspirational. Her films such as Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette tell of the essence and loneliness of being a female in a world that, as one critic put it “knows how to use you, but doesn’t know what to do with you.” There is a quiet, naturalistic melancholy that surrounds it, even in her elaborate costumedrama based on the teenage French queen.

Every once in a while I’ll spend my evening with her movies and a big cup of camommile tea. They also make for perfect movies for sleepovers, with additional wine and macarons highly recommended.