image via: minty-stripes

Comfort and good living is an important aspect of good life, even more so than impeccable wardrobe. While pairing down your closet and possessions in general down to essentials and trying to avoid over-consumption is an admirable goal, it’s a good thing to balance it out with occasional indulgences. After all, key to good health and probably happiness is balance. Indulging however doesn’t necessarily means (over)spending or buying things, as some of the best pleasures in life don’t have to cost much, if anything.

One of my favourite things indulgences is spending the morning or afternoon at a local coffeehouse with a big cup of caramel cappuccino reading a good book or a magazine. While there, I’m not thinking about what’s still on my to-do list, just enjoying the company of strangers and the stories. It’s like going on a little holiday inside your own head! Afterwards I almost always feel reenergized and ready to face work.

My other favourite way to spend a day (or in this case, more likely an evening) is to make a big pot of tea and watch movies. Just two weeks ago I spent the evening watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, followed by 2 Days in Paris. I still have my Godard movie box that I have to finish watching, as well as Le Herrison from 2009 and Designing Woman from 1957.

Beside stories, my other indulgences include good food. While winter for me is all about comfort food and warm chocolate, the first sign of spring triggers cravings for delicious fresh salads such as caprese and homemade humus. One of my favourite websites in this regard is Smitten Kitchen. It’s my go-to resource for times when I’m craving something new, from baked goods to beautiful salads. And I hear the woman behind the website and all those incredible looking dishes is currently putting finishing touches on her cookbook, which I hope will be available in my country as well. Last time I tried something, was this Russian apple cake called Sharlotka back in december. It’s chock full of tart apple flavour and dusted with powder sugar, looks very festive -perfectly december-appropriate! =)

image from: smitten kitchen