I’ve been searching for a perfect pair of summer sneakers for some time now. A simple pair looks so good with jeans and t-shirt and not much else. I really wanted something light enough to be seasonally appropriate, yet sturdy enough to support my feet during long walks. At first I was really into white canvas Converse sneakers, especially the ones by Jack Purcell. Those are also available in leather, black or white. I really liked the simplicity and lack of superimposed logo. However, I did find the sole a bit too thick for my tastes and I started reconsidering my choice until I decided it was something I really liked on other people, but not on my own feet. I also started doubting the appeal of stark white colour on my feet, and thinking a softer, off-white colour might blend better with my usual wardrobe palette.

The search ended after finding this soft-beige pair by Esprit. Now, up until today, I usually associated Esprit as a brand with my preppy-bourgeois aunt (not to sound like a label snob though) and could never really muster up much excitement for their collections. But upon seeing this particular pair, I fell in love with the creamy colour and buttery texture of the shoe and I love how light they look and feel on bare feet, which makes them so perfect for the current season.