daria 01

My hair is getting longer, mostly due to the fact that I keep forgetting to book an appointment at the hairdresser, but also because Argan Oil is the only thing I’m currently using and it’s making my hair so soft and easy to handle, that I don’t feel the need to put too much effort into anything too elaborate. Like finding a proper haircut for my new hairlength.

Daria Werbowy’s signature haircut-that-is-not-really-a-haircut is currently serving as an inspiration – natural texture, soft layers and nothing too rigid to frame the face (or tuck-inside a high collar).


(img: daria for vogue uk and isabel marant)

Daria for Céline

I love these images of Daria, shot by Juergen Teller. The stark oversized silhouettes, the non-haircut and the make-up free face, everything is somehow perfect. Even the otherwise cosmetic colour such as pink compliments the sober minimalism of the garments. Let the fall begin.

(images via tumblr search)