(top images of Cy Twombly’s polaroids via Bint Photobooks)

We spent the weekend in Belgium, visiting Art Brussels as well as Wiels, Boz Ar and various other exhibitions happening around town simultaneously. One of the best things was Cy Twombly polaroid exhibit at Boz Ar, of which I also purchased the book. I can recommend it to anyone currently visiting or planning to visit Brussels, who is interested in visiting museums.

I also received a new Diptyque candle, Maquis, as a gift. It’s so lovely and fresh, it might even replace Chêne as my current favourite.These candles can also be used as tools for work; for example I tend to light one particular candle when I’m writing a certain text, so I end up associating this very text with a specific fragrance, and it’s easier to dive into work after prolonged breaks or periods of inactivity. (Hah! Well… not always. But that’s the idea =) And sometimes just believing in these little rituals helps.)