I love the way girls like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Caroline De Maigret wear their sneakers, with boy-jeans, loose-fitting t-shirt and a good jacket. It’s such an easy going look, perfect for a lazy, grey summer.

(They are also making me reconsider bangs, but that’s a whole other conversation, perhaps for some other time.)

(Images clockwise from top left, via: kai jeunemann, lesantimodernes, miriamassai and inaclothing tumblr)


Girls, like boys


(images from top: 1. unknown; 2. paul smith ss12 campaign; 3. unknown; 4. aliceinthecities and 5. dansedelune tumblrs; 6., 7. and 8. paul smith ss12 runway, via; 9.  audreylostinparis and 10. ofstrangersensibilities tumblrs; 11. periferie tumblr and 12.;)