Canvas Bag

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I love canvas bags for the casual feeling they add to a look. With a limited wardrobe, you get to be creative in other ways and that includes updating a wardrobe from day to night by changing bag and shoes. Canvas bags are also refreshingly universal and egalitarian, due to a lack of status symbol, which most other bags tend to represent these days, yet they allow themselves to be individualized easily. These bags remind me of going to the market to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, and stopping on the way at a café for some coffee and re-reading your favourite book.  

Blue Shirt

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A light blue shirt, tucked in jeans, looks so right. Paired with the right belt and shoes, it’s the perfect look for upcoming season. Blue shirt is to classic white shirt, what navy jumper is to classic black jumper: a smart and more interesting equivalent.

I’m currently looking for a perfect shirt of this kind. Although this one by A.P.C., looks just about perfect, it’s currently sold out and I regret not buying it when it was available. Hopefully I’ll come across some good alternatives soon.

La Garçonne Inspiration

What I love about La Garçonne girl is that she clearly has her favourite wardrobe items which continue to make appearances in their beautifully styled lookbooks, season after season, each time subtly updated with styling. It adds a great sense of continuity to one’s personal style evolution, which doesn’t depend on trends nor feel the need for a whole new wardrobe each season. I have decided to assemble these collages in order to pinpoint some of my favourite la garçonne looks over the past few seasons. It only goes to show that some pieces are truly forever.

Above: Classic Breton top. Also included is the dress version, which is a great summer staple.

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The Penny Loafers

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That picture of Grace Kelly above embodies easy and comfortable chic. The cotton shirt, rolled up jeans and the penny loafers, together still look very chic, in that tomboyish way, even after more than 60 years.

I myself am particularly happy over the resurgence of the penny loafers as a chic alternative to the ballerina flats over the past years, It was not always easy to find stylish, low-heeled shoes. I preferably wear flat low-heeled shoes and boots, not only because they are practical, comfortable and fit my personal aesthetic, but also because my feet demand it.

Worn like in the picture below, they remind me of girls wearing glasses, reading at the libraries in the 1950s or riding a bike along the french riviera in jeans and a breton top. =)

image via: hellomoon

Basics: The Winter Coat

images from: elin kling and thegentlewoman

Pictures of Elin Kling from fashion week kept popping up on my Tumblr dashboard, and it was refreshing to see someone looking so elegant and effortless, especially during an event that has so many people tripping over themselves for attention. And I really liked her coat, which looks warm, comfortable and her colour palette just seemed so classic and natural, never Trying too hard, while at the same time remaining incredibly chic and classic. Her wardrobe consisted of quiet pieces such as sweater, jeans, pumps, and yet the look ended up being so much more than sum of it’s parts.

I wanted a coat like that for a long time and finally purchased a similar looking one in late 2010. It was very much worth the price tag as I’m sure I will be wearing it for years to come. My winter coat is in navy wool that almost looks black and slouches perfectly when tied in front. It also feels comfortable, almost like a bathrobe, which is a welcome feeling on winter days when you just don’t feel like facing the early morning cold. I currently enjoy wearing mine with a navy turtleneck (no need for fussy shawls) and navy jeans, for a simple, monochromatic look.

Basics: white button down shirt

Last post made me think about what elements does a classic menswear inspired wardrobe consist of? So I decided to list them, according to my own subjective tastes. (One should always be aware of their own personal preferences and incorporate items accordingly.)

image from: jpeg-heaven

Classic white button down shirt – This one is obvious, but also far from simple. It’s also an item worth investing in, as it’s versatile and can go a long way if treated with respect. The cut should be right for your figure with just the right amount of slouch for that elusive tomboy effluence.

I myself prefer a crisp cotton shirt with small collar and quarter length sleeves. I usually wear it buttoned all the way up when paired with a black wool skirt, as it gives off a very clean and modern feel, or unbuttoned with just a bit of lace undergarments peeking underneath when paired with black trousers. My other white shirt is palest ivory silk, with small peter pan collar. While the details are feminine (ironically, peter pan was usually played by women up until recent decades), with the right styling you can make it all your own. Wear with slicked back hair with side part, a clean, polished face and menswear inspired pieces for a perfect balance of tomboy chic, or add red lips for a high impact look that’s elegant and effortless at the same time.

My favorite variations on the theme include light blue pinstriped shirts with white cuffs and collar, as well as versions in dark colors such as navy and dark grey.

image from: non—sequitur