A whiter shade of pale

(images via muus, lagarconne and stylesightings)

Although I’m still fully devoted to the monochromatic wardrobe, as the summer approaches I’m heading to the different end of the spectrum – namely white and washed out colours. All three of the outfits pictured have a very different and distinctive feel to them, composed of different pieces and silhouettes, yet all of them breathe a laid-back air of chic. I particularly like the centre image from LaGarconne lookbook, composed out of classic pieces in slightly different shades of white (the off-white trousers particularly look perfect).

I am however curious how practical (and indeed how laid-back) the look would be day-to-day, as I imagine I’d think twice about popping on a random park bench in my perfectly crisp white trousers or ordering red wine. I love a good white shirt and my white jeans, but they are not as versatile for every occasion as black, and therefor not worn as often as I’d like. As it seems, the look might be best reserved for tumblr and lookbooks, although I’ll try to document any attempt at all white outfits right here. For now at least, I’m sticking to my dark colours for spring.