navy on navy


(all images by me)

One of the best part about the cold winter season is the cosy aspect of wrapping yourself up in layers of warm fabrics and drinking liters of tea to keep warm. I currently really like the idea of draping oversized shapes in different tones of the same colour – in this case navy wool coat, cashmere crewneck jumper and an oversized scarf I bought last month.


I’m currently living in my grey wool coat and black leather ankle boots.
Away from home my wardrobe was limited, which was something I really enjoyed. My favourite pieces became the ones with the least amount of colour and detail, like the small, leather crossover bag that lets your hands move freely, dark grey jeans and black cashmere or wool crewneck sweater. Simple and utilitarian. I am slowly moving away from navy and into the shades of charcoal.


This is basically how I dressed over the past weeks. Jeans and t-shirt. I actually have that exact striped shirt and it’s one of my most worn garments during the summer months. 

Late summer brought beautiful warm weather while usually leaving the awful humidity behind. It was around this time that my schedule got really hectic and I’m just now catching up on reading my favourite blogs and new issues of The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man which dropped in the mailbox yesterday.

Lack of free time to overthink also made me pair down my summer attires down to the bare essentials. I lived in jeans and sneakers, pairing them with my favourite blue chambray shirt or oversized t-shirts (striped or plain white), occasionally wrapping myself up in an oversized dark grey cardigan. A canvas bag and some lip balm and was good to go.

Right now, as the weather is slowly transitioning towards autumn, I’m trying to hold on to the simplicity of my summer wardrobe, by reluctantly adding only the most basic of fall garments. I realize this may seem plain and boring, and perhaps it is.  To me personally however,  it’s also a small triumph in reducing all the unnecessary visual noise tot the simplest basic shapes that nonetheless feel decidedly personal.

(images via emilyafricaa and neuewave tumblr)

That coat

I don’t post many outfit photos here, mainly because I like my anonymity, but I really wanted to show my new coat, the only item acquired during the sale at COS last month. It’s black, straight and the design is fairly straight-forward. I really like the way it looks with some of my favourite wardrobe pieces, such as black jeans and striped t-shirt or straight navy trousers and blue chambray button shirt. (I’m also wearing my awesome glasses which I cannot show you right now, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. =)

(all images © twentysecond8 2012)


On a personal note: life has been all sorts of busy lately. I am currently working on a freelance assignment for a company which could turn out into a permanent full-time position. Careerwise this would be a great opportunity and I’m hoping it works out. On the other hand, I would certainly miss the flexible working hours that life as a freelancer offers. For example chosing to take the long lunch and enjoy the weather and compensating for time off by working in the evenings. But I wouldnt miss the irreglular income and fretting over the next project. All in all there are positives and negatives to every outcome.

I did made me contemplate office wear and assembling the office appropriate wardrobes. I’m also thinking a lot about light blue and chambray, the summer versions of my usually navy wools and cashmeres. 

Empty Emptor recently made a post questioning the concept of “the classics” when it comes to wardrobe pieces, as propagated by the fashion magazines and blogs, as they could turn out to be just as trend-concious as peplums and beaded collars. It’s a really well-written piece and if you’re into it, I would also recommend her previous post on wardrobe culling, as well as… her entire archives.

I think when it comes to classics, it’s important to find your own personal classics. Staples that you can build your entire wardrobe around, and upgrade seasonally with a few pieces to keep evolving, but also to keep it from becoming schizophrenic in style.

These are some of my personal favourites, around which I base my outfits (I chose to just focus on tops here). They include simple button-down shirts, crewneck jumpers and breton tops. Most of my tops are a variation of these, which is why I’d call them classics. I usually pair them with smart jackets, jeans or cigarette pants and simple or slightly androgynous shoes.

(Images from left to right: By Malene Birger White Greville Classic Shirt, Hope Drape Tee, A.P.C. Merino Striped Pullover, Acne Ry Angora Sweater, A.P.C. Woven Cotton Shirt. Most of these are currently sold out via Net-A-Porter and La Garçonne. Top image via naturalstylist tumblr.)

The Classic

(images via unknown source and afinefashionfrenzy tumblr)

Past couple of days suddenly feel like summer. Temperatures are rising and everything smells like holiday in the sun. Hot summer weather, however, can be a tricky season sartorially speaking. It requires comfort above all else, because who wants the fuss of intricate necklines and novelty details, when the humidity is following your every move?

This is the time when I fall back on the classic white t-shirt and jeans combination. Be it cut-offs or semi-boyfriend jeans, v or crew-neck, the right items never fail. As with all items that are known for their simplicity, the smallest details matter. My current favourite is a loose crew-neck tshirt in softest cotton. It drapes beautifully in all the right places, without looking overtly constructed. It’s easely paired with black jeans and brogues, tucked behind a leather belt, or with cut-offs and sandals, for the required trips to the beach.

(images from vogue paris and via naturalstylist tumblr)

Straight and Narrow

(images via trompe-loeil tumblr and source unknown)

The simplest of cuts are always the most difficult to achieve. It’s as if everything is laid bare and every half an inch matters because it might set off the delicate balance of proportions. There is just something modern about not feeling the need to chase trends and instead showing an understanding for quality of cuts and fabrics. It shows a great deal of confidence, too, as you’re not hiding under unnecessary ornaments.

You also have to know yourself and your body well, to dress accordingly. I myself, for example, favour narrow silhouette (with jeans or trousers) on the lower part of my body and tend to opt for more volume on top, because it balances out my natural body shape. Marinière tops work in this aspect as well. A-line skirts are another favourite, although I did find a perfect Jil Sander pencil skirt once that sadly got lost during travels.

I find myself being drawn a great deal to those that are simplifying their looks and letting their personalities speak for themselves. Adding more visual noise to the already overwhelming amount that exists, feels simply redundant, perhaps even irresponsible, although I do understand the temptation very well. Shopping for these perfect items is always a challenge though, especially on a budget, since these looks call for a methodical approach and quality, something rarely found on high-street. Nonetheless, it’s something I believe is worth investing in, as a wardrobe consisting of understated, high-quality pieces can take you anywhere.


(images from the gentlewoman)

It’s that time of the year again, when planning beach holiday wardrobe isn’t just a distraction from bad winter weather, but grounded in reality of approaching summer season. What I’m really hoping for is that by visualizing my plans, the rainy weather of the past few days will magically transform in to perfect summer days that smell like ocean and sunscreen. =)

This year I have also decided to go for one-piece bathing suits. I’ve been looking for a while for perfect black piece, with design that is as straight-forward as possible, because I strongly dislike silly fringes and unnecessary design additions when it comes to swimwear. And of course, I came across the perfect item while browsing A.P.C.’s webshop, that looks just how I imagined a perfect swimsuit for this year should look like. The minimalistic design looks chic as well as  flattering.

But, that’s not all! *cue exciting shopping adventures remix* While searching for beachwear, I stumbled across this striped piece by Norma Kamali, which has the same design qualities of the black A.P.C. piece, with added interest of striped pattern. I buy a striped bikini almost every year, so I was naturally drawn by this one-piece. The two items compliment each other perfectly, for a uniform holiday look, and more practically it’s always a good idea to pack more than one swimsuit. I cannot wait to try the look with red lip balm and slicked-back chignon.

A whiter shade of pale

(images via muus, lagarconne and stylesightings)

Although I’m still fully devoted to the monochromatic wardrobe, as the summer approaches I’m heading to the different end of the spectrum – namely white and washed out colours. All three of the outfits pictured have a very different and distinctive feel to them, composed of different pieces and silhouettes, yet all of them breathe a laid-back air of chic. I particularly like the centre image from LaGarconne lookbook, composed out of classic pieces in slightly different shades of white (the off-white trousers particularly look perfect).

I am however curious how practical (and indeed how laid-back) the look would be day-to-day, as I imagine I’d think twice about popping on a random park bench in my perfectly crisp white trousers or ordering red wine. I love a good white shirt and my white jeans, but they are not as versatile for every occasion as black, and therefor not worn as often as I’d like. As it seems, the look might be best reserved for tumblr and lookbooks, although I’ll try to document any attempt at all white outfits right here. For now at least, I’m sticking to my dark colours for spring.