slip on


After contemplating buying into the Birkenstock trend for seasons now (but being put off by seeing it everywhere) I finally decided to go for a pair of black and white Adilettes – the (in)famous Adidas slipper. Years and years ago I had a pair in pink, worn exclusively when showering by the public swimming pools. For some reason I always had a soft spot for this classic slipper plagued by bad-taste association, but their weird charm finally wore me down once again.

So I have decided that they will be a part of my summer uniform this year, worn with my mostly black wardrobe items, stripey cotton tshirts and straw hats, and for the record – sans socks. Starting today.

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-18 om 14.16.13

(img via fashiongonerogue)

3 thoughts on “slip on

  1. The slides will forever remind me of basketball players/sports crew at my high school (who wore them with the white, shin high Adidas athletic socks – I feel like it’s a pretty universal look), but I really do like the way you’ve styled them! I’m not sure if I’ll ever shake the mental association enough to try it for myself, but I’m excited to live through you, haha. :)

    • P.S. Thanks for the little fun fact! I guess I never thought about the fact that the style must have had a name other than “those Adidas slides” ;)

    • owh i know exactly what you mean,i also had some weird associations with this shoe.
      I’ve seen people of all walks of life wear them though and come to think of it, that’s a powerful thing – that common/universal aspect. familiarity also being related to the feeling of nostalgia, which, as don draper would have us believe, is a powerful thing in selling a product…! no wonder their staying power is so long lasting. :)

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