I have been neglecting this space over the past months. Life got in the way, and instead of forcing it / treating this like some sort of homework, I decided to just leave it be until I felt like using my blog again. This does not mean however that I don’t appreciate people reading this, and I thank you for that.

Over the past months I’ve been working a lot, rewatching all seasons of 30 rock and enjoying plenty of Indian food (currently trying to master the perfect veggie Biryani). Sartorially speaking (since that’s why we’re here), I’ve been navigating more towards simple wool dresses over opaque thighs for something more comfy cozy for the winter. To compleet the cocoon feeling, I’m currently looking for a nice pair of comfortable (and preferably burgundy-colored) sneakers.

During the fall I travelled a bit and at this time my skin went trough some changes that I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve been experiencing dry patches on my face and my forehead especially, more so than usually during the winter. Nothing seems to be helping – products, enough water and healthy food and vitamins have all failed so far. I have made an appointment with a dermatologist, so I hope they can help me alleviate this dryness sometime soon.

In the meantime, I hope everyone reading this is doing well and (if you’re in the Netherlands) enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently having. Until next time.

(img: Samuji, S/S 2014)