I blame it on Giorgia Tordini who pulled off a t-shirt dress so perfectly that I decided right then and there it would be my summer of 2013 uniform. I plan on resisting the relentless summer holiday heat (fingerscrossed!) with nothing but the simpelest of tshirt dresses and pairing it with clubmasters and strappy sandals. There is just something about the idea of rolling out of bed and reaching for one item in your closet and basically being set for the day that makes me look forward to the summer. Some sunscreen and lipbalm and you’re ready to go. It’s a nice change of pace after months of layering and bundling up.

So, another summer, another summer uniform on the horizon. And so many things to consider.

Schermafbeelding 2013-04-23 om 21.55.15
(black dress by T by Alexander Wang, sandals by MM6, white dress by A.P.C and sandals by COS)

I decided I want my t-shirt dress to have short sleeves, since it seems more practical, even though I like the idea of the upturned long sleeves. Right now I’m trying to decide between a black version by T by Alexander Wang and the white A.P.C. dress. I really love the A.P.C. one, but I’m wondering if white will be somewhat impractical and too fragile. I also have an irrational hate towards capsleeves. The black one looks cool and the sleeves are the right length but might be too short on me which in the end defeats the purpose of easy effortlessness.

Schermafbeelding 2013-04-23 om 21.57.52
(dresses by Raquel Allegra and La Garçonne Moderne)

Then there is this beautiful jersey dress by Raquel Allegra. I love the way it looks on the La Garçonne model, but again I’m questioning the practicality of white. I guess I’m afraid it will look drab by the end of the summer? (I don’t want to keep thinking about that when I’m wearing this dress. Again, purpose defeated.) But i do love the length and the sleeves. And the idea of white. This black dress by La Garçonne Moderne is simple enough and the length is perfect, but the shape might be too straight, even on the model. I prefer it slightly more loose.

Schermafbeelding 2013-04-23 om 22.01.05
(both dresses by COS, sandals by &Other Stories)

The highstreet versions I found are both in navy and both from COS. I prefer the loose-but-not-shapeless model of the first and the crewneck of the second dress. Of course all of this doesn’t outweigh the feel and the quality of the fabric, not to mention the actual fit. For this I might just be trying on dresses for the next few weeks. I haven’t had a garment on my wishlist in what feels like ages, I almost forgot the excitement of the selection process.

Finally, there is the choice of sort of dressy sandals which I don’t look forward to since I never had much luck in this department. As much as I love the idea of few straps of leather and not much else, my feet are difficult (as in narrow with high arch) and need more support than that, especially around the ankle, but I also want simplicity and not much fuss. Also, my list of irrational hates further includes toe-straps. I cannot stand anything between my toes. Right now I’m leaning towards these nude coloured sandals from COS. The colour is perfect (especially if I decide on the white dress) but I prefer belts for closure because it just seems sturdier. Then there is this pair from &Other Stories – I love the colour and the simplicity but I don’t know what to expect when it comes to quality. Anyone have any experience with them? (They also seem to be sold out often, but keep coming back in stock). And A.P.C. of course usually has a good selection, which I’ve been meaning to look for. 

(top img via google search, other images via La Garçonne, COS, &Other Stories)

9 thoughts on “considerations

  1. On white – I love it in summer, especially in light fabrics when it’s humid out (because it doesn’t show sweat – not gonna lie). I think it’s a pretty scary/impractical seeming color for understandable reasons, but I’ve found I’m less stain prone than I thought (so maybe you are too).

    Luckily 2012 gave me about 8 months to pin down my summer uniform, and I know exactly what does and doesn’t work for me. I’ve got a few dresses that I rotate constantly, plus easy to match t-shirts that I mix with a few shorts/skirts I have. Summer’s the worse time to have to worry about what you’re wearing in my opinion, it’s a season meant for relaxing. :) But I do understand the struggle for locating the right sandle. Right now my tan Saltwaters are a perennial favorite, but the perfect “dressy-flat” sandal seems to be eternally elusive for me too.

    I hope everything else is going well!

  2. I am seriously considering the white R. Allegra. White is beautiful in the summer. However…

    Once, I ruined a beautiful white summer top and I have no idea how I did it. I hand washed it entire summer, and it still lost it’s lustre at some point. Maybe it was the quality of cotton or water or soap I used, I don’t know. So I’m kind of dreading a possible pile up of dry-cleaning bills…?

    But then again I could very well be overreacting. =) I have done pretty well with a lot of other white garments so maybe you are right!

    I agree about Saltwaters, they are pretty great, and possibly ruined me for other sandals. =)

    And thanks! Hope you are doing well too.

    • Yes I actually realized this a couple of days ago at the A.P.C. store . And I really liked it in marine, but in the end it didn’t matter because I did not like the way the cut looked on me. Thanks, though! =)

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