Speaking of beauty, I just wanted to share this Top Shelf with Vogue Hommes International fashion editor Azza Yousif. I really like the way she talks about beauty and she is so lovely herself.

“…You put little drops wherever you want to highlight—and if you’re not wearing eye shadow, you could put a little bit in the middle of your lid and then let it sink in and it just gives a tiny bit of shine. It makes you glow. If I’m going out and my shirt is open, I even put it on my collarbone.


Lately, I’ve been feeling like it’s more chic to not wear nail polish. I’ve also wanted to feel healthier, so that may have something to do with it—I feel like it’s more chic to be able to take care of your nails and for them to be clean and not hide them behind something….”

I find these beauty interviews so nice. Just the idea of girls sharing these (sometimes even intimate) secrets.

(image: Into The Gloss)

less, again

via dylan forsberg
There are a few things I find more grating (relatively speaking, that is) that the term “pop of colour”. It seems like it’s always used in the context where it’s needed to water down something otherwise radical and unapologetic in it’s simplicity, in order to make it more accessible (or visually “entertaining” even) to a wider audience.

Yet here I was, trying to figure out if my otherwise simple look really needed the dreaded “pop” when I added a dramatic lip colour to an otherwise fairly simple look (see previous post). Perhaps it was an attempt to combat the dreaded february blues, but I experimented with a dramatic red for an entire particularly cold week in february until I finally decided it was just not gonna work between us. A fresh berry stain is one thing, but full on lipstick just felt like trying way too hard. 

So the affair ended rather quickly and now I’m back to my bb cream and lipbalms, and not much else. And to be honest, after all the experimenting, I might have settled into a simple and effective routine.

via vogue it

Then last week Into the Gloss did an article on the so-called “new face”, in which they described how to achieve the clean matte look for face without much effort (just one quick brush swoop of loose powder will usually do the trick) and pairing it with well groomed eyebrows and nude-but-better lipbalm for a modern contrast of textures. Think Céline woman. As much as I like the idea of trying out certain products there are in fact very few of them that become a part of my daily ritual. I do, however love matte skin, since my skin is mixed, leaning on the oily side and… well grass is always greener on the other side, I guess? The idea of a minimal make-up also feels infinitely more current than anything else. Plus, there is just something uncompromising in the refusal to do the obvious and what is traditionally expected of make-up, which is to exegerate features and make them more feminine, and decide on something far more contemporary and inconspicuous. 

For now, most of my products are stored away and the only thing on my make-up counter are a couple of nude-coloured pots and some chubby sticks. Honestly, I am curious to see how long this will last, but for now it feels perfect. =)

(images: kassia, via dylan forsberg; magdalena, via vogue it)

black on black

Even though I do not like jewelry and most ornaments,
I do like a classic metal detail in an otherwise uniform outfit.

This was taken a while back in the midst of february, when jeans and jumpers are my uniforms of choice.
(The lipcolour on the other hand is a different story altogether. More on that coming soon.)

(image: my own.)