navy on navy


(all images by me)

One of the best part about the cold winter season is the cosy aspect of wrapping yourself up in layers of warm fabrics and drinking liters of tea to keep warm. I currently really like the idea of draping oversized shapes in different tones of the same colour – in this case navy wool coat, cashmere crewneck jumper and an oversized scarf I bought last month.

4 thoughts on “navy on navy

  1. Also, this is fantastic! I always find that I have to make triple sometimes quadruple the amount of effort to purchase brighter or rather more colorful clothing like bright reds, pinks, and aquas.

    • I agree, with brights it’s much more difficult to decide wether or not a particular colour will integrate well in your wardrobe. In that case I usually opt for a bright scarf (preferably in the same fabric as my usually neutral-coloured coat) or lipstick. =)

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