I love the way girls like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Caroline De Maigret wear their sneakers, with boy-jeans, loose-fitting t-shirt and a good jacket. It’s such an easy going look, perfect for a lazy, grey summer.

(They are also making me reconsider bangs, but that’s a whole other conversation, perhaps for some other time.)

(Images clockwise from top left, via: kai jeunemann, lesantimodernes, miriamassai and inaclothing tumblr)

4 thoughts on “Tomboy

  1. Damn I wish you lived round here
    This is 5 pieces and I’d be done sewing it in 2 days. If you lived here you could head to the Fabric Store sale that’s on now and pick up the linen yourself. XD
    If you know someone that sews I’m happy to trace out the pattern in your size and mail it to you.

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