I love reading about what other people consider their own personal essentials via Self Service Magazine blog, so I decided to compile my own list of personal essentials, in no particular order.

1. Statement coat
It elevates the simplest of outfits.

2. Stylish and comfortable shoes
My current favourites are black leather loafers.

3. Black and navy

4. A breton top

5. Jeans
Dark wash, straight and narrow.

6. A good bra (makes everything look better).
My favourite is simple nude from La Perla. It’s multifunctional, especially in the summer under all those white tops.

7. A simple cashmere jumper

8. Bobby pins

9. Mandarin cream by Aesop

10. Lip balm by Burt’s Bees

11. My Macbook
My life’s work, contacts and entertainment centre all-in-one.

12. Herbal tea
I drink over 1,5l of tea a day and my current favourite is a blend of nettle and lemongrass with a hint of cranberry.

13. Breakfast
It’s my favourite meal of the day. And although I deviate at times, a bowl of weetabix with soymilk and banana remains my favourite breakfast of all time.

14. Annual Museum Membership

15. Filmhouse membership

16. A daily newsfeed from Bloglovin’

17. Crisp white cotton sheets.

(image via delight tumblr)

4 thoughts on “Essentials

  1. As much as I hate to admit it, my macbook is a life essential for me as well. Also I completely agree about the importance of having simple, well fitting bras. The wrong one can really make your clothes drape awkwardly.

    • I’d love to sound all effortless and be like: “Oh I only need fresh air and a piece of mind, the rest is material and unnecessary”, but that would be lying. The fact is, I really miss my Macbook when it’s not around, and even then I usually bring the most essential things with me on a portable, external hard-drive.
      Oh well, such is life =)

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