Simple, clear, sexy, and recognizable.” That sums it up perfectly. I’d also “French”. Very French. But I suppose that comes with the territory of her current position.

The thing is, the simplicity of Emmanuelle Alt’s style is not only simple, it also has that particular brand of je ne sais quoi, that seems to come naturally to the Parisiennes in particular. Same goes for her distinctive brand of “sexy” – she always employs a masculine aspect in her wardrobe, composed of classic pieces in muted colours such as button-downs and large coats, subverting the expectations, while balancing the look with focus on her impossibly long legs and (perhaps even agressively) sexy shoes. It oozes confidence and natural poise without ever being obvious or gratuitous. The balance is perfected with a natural face with just a smudge of kohl around the eyes (just imagine how off the entire look would be with a serious make-up face). Even though there is plenty of variation in details and room for experiment, her look indeed remains recognizable and iconic.

On a side note, I’ve been coveting a perfect leopard print coat for ages now and this picture is just another reminder. It’s also one of those items that fits perfectly in Emmanuelle’s world of casual hair and jeans to neutralise the vamp of it.

(images via self service magazine, carolinesmode, streetfsn blogspot, thisgirlisaten tumblr and stockholm street style)

2 thoughts on “Emmanuelle

  1. What I like is that how her clothing isn’t tied to a particular season, date, or designer. Aside from when she wore the obvious Balmain jackets, and I know that she does wear Marant. We could look back at a picture of Alt 5, 10 years from now and it would still be relevant as her style transcends time. It is more about dressing for herself and the purpose of the day, than the circus that fashion weeks have become.

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. She doesn’t appear to use her body as a fashion christmas tree, meant to be decorated with every possible trend to convince the audience she’s relevant. I personally appreciate that. Also, I like how her wardrobe pieces are usually very simple, yet her look is distinctly her own.

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