Dark Spring

(images from cosstores.com)

This is  my current wish list from COS, featuring a couple of items which I plan on purchasing this year. Even though it’s all from their current spring collection, which is dotted with all kinds of sorbet and pastelcolours, I find myself navigating towards the most simple and classic pieces in black or dark greys (which is quite a departure from my usual black and navy palette, i know). Currently the spring is in full bloom, which means it’s finally time to hang up winter coats and go for spring jackets and trench coats.

I prefer to layer my jumpers and knits with crisp cotton shirts underneath for slight contrast. Or simply wear them with dark jeans and black leather chelsea boots with black cashmere scarf and a leather tote. The inelaborate silhouette and dark colours look so right, I suppose because they’re not very obvious for this time of the year. Plus, they provide the still much needed cover and warmth, since it’s still cold in the shade.

For evenings I might add lipstick (I love the look for red with otherwise dark grey outfit) and this large clutch, which seems to strike a perfect balance between modern and polished. All in all I know I look forward to wearing these items for the time to come.

(image via inatenuousmanner)


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