La Garçonne Inspiration

What I love about La Garçonne girl is that she clearly has her favourite wardrobe items which continue to make appearances in their beautifully styled lookbooks, season after season, each time subtly updated with styling. It adds a great sense of continuity to one’s personal style evolution, which doesn’t depend on trends nor feel the need for a whole new wardrobe each season. I have decided to assemble these collages in order to pinpoint some of my favourite la garçonne looks over the past few seasons. It only goes to show that some pieces are truly forever.

Above: Classic Breton top. Also included is the dress version, which is a great summer staple.

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Classic items paired with breton details. I love how similar these looks are, yet goes to show how much difference the smallest details can make.

The same basic look for different seasons, constructed using different fabrics and silhouettes.

This is how I plan on dressing this summer. Easy wearing cotton t-shirts and blouses in monochromatic colour palette.

Classic jumpers, a perfect wardrobe staple.

Again, a simple, basic look in different silhouettes and colours.

I love the combination of a feminine skirt paired with a chunky knit and masculine shoes for a perfectly balanced masculin féminin look.

And this is how I plan on wearing the skirt for the summer – left, for a perfect summer day look and right, a more formal version.


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