(from Vogue Paris, via tumblr)

With the current temperatures calling for layers and knits, my current love affair with the concept of sweaters as outerwear continues. And editorials like the one above from Vogue Paris styled perfectly by Capucine Safyurtlu, are serving as inspiration (although I myself would probably pass on the ripped shorts). Paired with the big windswept hair, it all looks relaxed yet quietly luxurious at the same time.

This sweater from La Garçonne Moderne is perfect in every way, although the colour I would prefer the most is currently sold out.

(image from Jeanne Damas’ blogspot)


(image of Kim Noorda by Viktor Vauthier)

I never used to care much about skincare, other than face wash and moisturizer. A couple of years ago, however, I was under a lot of stress and my skin became very sensitive. This incident made me more aware of importance of proper skincare. I started paying more attention to my eating habits and how they reflect on my skin.

After cutting back on sugar and developing a habit of drinking enough water (as well as green tea, fresh mint and nettle), I also found the perfect products which have since become a part of my skincare routine. With Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cleanser and toner I immediately noticed the difference as my skin tone and texture improved and started to feel more comfortable. I also began using their Abyssine + eye cream, after receiving a sample with my first purchase. What I really love, aside from the obvious quality of product, is their simple and straightforward look. Nothing fussy or overly girly (which would look out of place in my bathroom).

For moisturizing I use Dr Van Der Hoog’s Hypo-allergenic Cream, which is very mild and once a week I use their soft Purity scrub creme as well. As far as body lotions go, my favourite is Burt’s Bees lotions, especially Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Orange Wax, which is a perfect fit considering my penchant for soft citrussy smells.

What do you use?

PS; I love this picture of Kim Noorda because it reminds me there is almost nothing better then curling up between fresh cotton sheets and getting a good night’s sleep.

Margaret Howell s/s 2012

(backstage images from Margaret Howell by Vanessa Jackman, runway images via NY Magazine, all paintings by K. Malevich via wikipedia and google search)

I really love the Margaret Howell for all her prim and classic cool. Her stark colours and perfectly slouchy cuts are very appealing for the upcoming spring and summer season. Especially with soft side parted hair in low bun with red lips on an otherwise clean face. Brb, planning a perfect capsule wardrobe for a spring getaway.

Girls at the Café

(images via google, unknown tumblr/sorry, dansedelalune, rachelcomey, sophievaka, lhommerun)

Girls in jeans and breton tops, with their canvas bags, sitting outside cafés reading books and drinking lattes. Some of them wearing just a hint of lipcolour to add polish to their otherwise casual and relaxed appearances. The music playing Peter Sarstedt.


I live in a country where most people pride themselves on not caring about such trivialties as fashion. Where I believe the French aversion to gaudiness comes from sympathising with the sans-culottes after the Revolution (even members of aristocracy started wearing the humble uniform to show their support; and weren’t there rumours of Marie-Antoinette and her circle dressing as peasants?), the root of this mentality in case of the dutch lies in their Calvinistic background. (I always liked the appropriate) symbolic Calvin in Calvin Klein’s label.) But if you think that would lead to penchant for minimalism and uniformity, and abiding the laws of good taste, think again.

Although it may seem liberating at first, this sort of environment can certainly become stifling over time. There are of course notable exceptions, as witnessed on current blogs. As younger generation gets exposed to international fashion via internet, they are experimenting more with tastes and the influence is certainly becoming noticeable.

One of my favourite things to witness, for example, are younger girls working within cultural parameters to achieve something stylish and refined yet restrained. For all their casualwear, there is something deliberate about these looks as they are aware of being seen and taking their responsibility for adding visual noise to the streetscape. They seem navigate this fine line between casual and careless far better than the older generations. These girls might just be the ones the rush in the subtle fashion revolution of the country of Netherlands.


I can’t say I really have style icons, but there are people who’s style is truly inspirational, even if it’s not exactly aspirational.

One of those people is Gaia Repossi, current artistic director to Maison Repossi. In my mind she is the girl that Phoebe Philo has in mind when she designs for Céline. Although I admire the Céline aesthetic, it’s not something I aspire to be since i prefer less abstract pieces. But miss Repossi embodies the clean, menswear-inspired chic like no one else, and I really enjoy looking at people who naturally carry off a certain very distinctive style, without making it look contrived in the process.

There are, however, certain elements in her wardrobe which complement my own wardrobe preferences. For instance her penchant for blue/denim shirts and navy, as well as neutral colours; the natural, undone look, sans make-up, that still manages to look sophisticated; classic items such as blazers. I really started to take notice after reading her interview with The Gentlewoman magazine. There she discusses her penchant for menswear, which she wore even as a schoolgirl. The thing I like the most about her look though it that she never looks uncomfortable, Trying or for that matter like anyone else but herself.

(images from vogue paris, vogue us, industrie magazine, and via maisonstyling and theepitomeofquiet)

Dark Spring

(images from

This is  my current wish list from COS, featuring a couple of items which I plan on purchasing this year. Even though it’s all from their current spring collection, which is dotted with all kinds of sorbet and pastelcolours, I find myself navigating towards the most simple and classic pieces in black or dark greys (which is quite a departure from my usual black and navy palette, i know). Currently the spring is in full bloom, which means it’s finally time to hang up winter coats and go for spring jackets and trench coats.

I prefer to layer my jumpers and knits with crisp cotton shirts underneath for slight contrast. Or simply wear them with dark jeans and black leather chelsea boots with black cashmere scarf and a leather tote. The inelaborate silhouette and dark colours look so right, I suppose because they’re not very obvious for this time of the year. Plus, they provide the still much needed cover and warmth, since it’s still cold in the shade.

For evenings I might add lipstick (I love the look for red with otherwise dark grey outfit) and this large clutch, which seems to strike a perfect balance between modern and polished. All in all I know I look forward to wearing these items for the time to come.

(image via inatenuousmanner)