Basics: The Winter Coat

images from: elin kling and thegentlewoman

Pictures of Elin Kling from fashion week kept popping up on my Tumblr dashboard, and it was refreshing to see someone looking so elegant and effortless, especially during an event that has so many people tripping over themselves for attention. And I really liked her coat, which looks warm, comfortable and her colour palette just seemed so classic and natural, never Trying too hard, while at the same time remaining incredibly chic and classic. Her wardrobe consisted of quiet pieces such as sweater, jeans, pumps, and yet the look ended up being so much more than sum of it’s parts.

I wanted a coat like that for a long time and finally purchased a similar looking one in late 2010. It was very much worth the price tag as I’m sure I will be wearing it for years to come. My winter coat is in navy wool that almost looks black and slouches perfectly when tied in front. It also feels comfortable, almost like a bathrobe, which is a welcome feeling on winter days when you just don’t feel like facing the early morning cold. I currently enjoy wearing mine with a navy turtleneck (no need for fussy shawls) and navy jeans, for a simple, monochromatic look.


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