The Beauty List

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I used to love experimenting with makeup, and it is how I found out what works best for me. Over the years and periods of cat eyeliners and burgundy lip stains I have settled into a makeup routine that I believe works for me and enhances my features without being obvious and I still get to look like myself. It also saves time in the morning, as I can get ready in ten minutes without giving it much thought.

My favorite beauty feature is healthy looking skin. I myself have had occasional problems with my skin in the past, usually due to stress (and negligence to take care of it properly in hectic times). These days my skin looks good and doesn’t need much. It probably helps that I don’t eat sugar these days, which always made my skin react.

image from: la mignonette

Products aside, I have found that the true and tested way to good skin is enough water, sleep, nutrition and of course a happy fulfilled life. Then there are always ways to subtly enhance your strengths and conceal the flaws. Here are some of the products that I find will do the trick:

Moisturiser – to keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated. I prefer mine with SPF 15 and up, to prevent sun damage at the same time.

Concealer – to camouflage imperfections without looking made up when used sparingly and blended well. Also works wonders when used strategically to brighten up eye area, (or even around the nose and corners of lips). You can also choose one concealer to brighten up and one for cover-up. (A tip: as concealers usually come in tiny tubes, using it straight from the tube ends up messy and you always end up with more product than needed, which ends up wasted. I load up on those tiny plastic pots from Sephora and label them, then use a brush to apply the precise amount and blend with my fingertips. This way it’s also easy to build up and distribute the product evenly.)

Loose Powder – dust on lightly to matt skin. It also helps to set concealer. Choosing a good brush is just as important, by the way! My own skin tends to be shiny and oily on it’s own, and a touch of loose powder makes it look just that much more polished, again without being obvious.

Blush – for a healthy glow. I’m usually very pale and a touch of colour on my cheeks and sometimes on brow bone, makes all the difference.

 Lipcolour – I usually prefer to have something on my lips, but don’t like to bother with actual lipstick. For years my favourite used to be Clinique’s Almost Lipstick, the original lipstick and balm hybrid. I still do. Over a year ago, however, a friend gave me Burt’s Bees’ lip balm in Fig and it has become a favourite. For me it’s a perfect nude, slightly-better-than-my-natural lipcolour and I love the minty-fresh tingle I feel when I put it on. After this I purchased the balm in other colours as well, such as Rhubarb and Watermelon (slightly pink/red). I still sometimes like to put on actual lipstick though and for me a nice red or berry stain has always been a favourite. Recently matte corals and bright pinks became ubiquitous, but I prefer still the classic red which can make even the simplest white tshirt look polished. Clarins has a nice collection in that respect.

Mascara – Brown or black, depending on your colouring and preference. I have medium grey eyes that benefit from subtle framing of beautiful lashes, curled and separated.

Khol pencil – smudged softly for a nighttime look. I prefer brown pencil for less contrast, and besides it’s more of a fool-proof cousin of traditional black.

Eyebrow pencil – perhaps not something that would count as low maintenance, but natural, luxurious brows as a great asset to an otherwise clean face as they can naturally frame eyes to make them appear larger. Mine are light and not very thick so i like to fill them in just a bit to get a nice shape.

Beside makeup, I love Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and Toner, as well as Dr Vanderhoog’s Hypoallergen night moisturizer and occasionally eye cream.


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